Clara York
"Clara York is one of the funniest and most spot on female comedians coming into
her prime today.  Just a taste of the banal through Clara's anschauung.  Enjoy."
Joy MacManus.

Review of Apocalypse Not Now   
Clara York Apocalypse Not Now "It is rare that a performance can cause me to lose my breath from laughing so hard...that I become uncomfortably aware that my laughter is taking away from the performance... that I may indeed be causing a scene because of my uncontrolled laughter... desperately trying to catch my breath... not wanting to miss the next words from the performers lips... but it happened.

Clara York put on a clinic in laughter, delivery, timing and character that we should all take note of.  I DID!  I had no idea what to expect, a Tujungian agoraphobic? Huh? Amazing. The writing, performance, direction and staging were in all in perfect harmony to create a story that takes you a journey of the amazing and yet so right on that you can see the picture painted in words. Brilliant, entertaining... need a laugh... see the show, you'll get your fill and carry over. Did I mention I loved it? Please don't miss this opportunity to see Clara York create magic."


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