Clara York
"Clara York is one of the funniest and most spot on female comedians coming into
her prime today.  Just a taste of the banal through Clara's anschauung.  Enjoy."
Joy MacManus.

Clara York Bio
Clara York (Writer/Performer)

Clara York has appeared in numerous episodic television, film and web series including the Cannes web series Bollywood To Hollywood. She has appeared in theater, improv and comedy in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. As an original member of the Write Club LA she wrote and performed over 30 comedic pieces at IO West, Comedy Central, Bang, Fanatic Salon and The Celebration Theater.

Clara recently wrote and performed her critically acclaimed comedic solo play Apocalypse Not Now at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, the Fanatic Salon, and the legendary Ice House Comedy Club. Presently, she is adapting her solo show into a t.v. pilot and accepting ghostwriting assignments.

Check out Clara’s music video, her series Clara/Carla, and more here:

Clara writes/performs a regular column on Wine, Women & Chocolate here:

For performing and literary offers contact:

Cristy Coors Beasley – 310.595.0222

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