Clara York
"Clara York is one of the funniest and most spot on female comedians coming into
her prime today.  Just a taste of the banal through Clara's anschauung.  Enjoy."
Joy MacManus.

Clara York videos 

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CLARA/CARLA by Clara York

The ever mindful parent Clara finally lets it rip.

Clara does Carla

Clara does Carla against her will. Written and performed by Clara York. Also starring Saba Moor-Doucette.

Dangerous Fortune

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Apocalypse Not Now!

Fire destroys; it blackens the hillsides and chokes the air with acrid smoke. But fire also creates. In this spoken-word story by Clara York, the Station fire that charred the Angeles National Forest in 2009 also created a community from the miscreants and misfits of Clara's Tujunga neighborhood.

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